Creating a Succulent Planter

Creating a Succulent Planter

Have you ever wanted to create your own succulent garden but not quite sure where to start, well we have created this simple step by step succulent planter guide to get you started. With simple tips and tricks, succulent propagation and care guide you will be creating plant magic in no time at all. What's better is that once your planter starts growing and expanding you will then be able to take clippings to propagate even more green friends. Quite often you will find little succulents in and around your garden or perhaps even ask around your friends & family if they can spare some small cuttings to get you started. 

Okay so lets get started!!


Firstly you want to start by layering small stones along the bottom of your chosen planter, the planter we have chosen DOES have a small drainage hole however its always best to make sure they will have a good layer of drainage to prevent those roots getting water logged.

Then we have created a soil mix that consists of 1:1 soil and pumice, the pumice will help in aerating the soil mix, afterall we don't want those precious wee roots getting root rot! Fill planter with this mix to approximately 2cm below the rim, keep in mind you can add more at the end.

If you have a succulent like the one pictured below you can easily seperate the 'pups' 'offsets' from the parent plant, thus creating more plant babies to grow. Please refer to pictures below. When repotting make sure you remove any old leaves from the base of the succulent, shake free all the old compost from the roots, once planted keep out of direct sunlight and wait for 2wks before watering.

Now it's time to start planting, keeping in mind there is no right or wrong way to do this. As long as you're roots are well covered with soil mix then they will be happy. Take your time and get creative with different species of succulents, remember the more variety/colour/textures you include in your planter the more interesting your planter will look. Gently create a wee hole in the soil large enough to fit the roots in, pop in your succulent and press firmly around the base to secure it in the soil. Continue this method leaving approximately 2-3cms between each succulent so they have room to grow & expand. 

Some people prefer not to see the raw soil on their planters so if you have available to you a bag of small gravel/stones then you could also place a thing layer covering the soil. Unfortunately we didn't get time before lockdown to get this however you can easily find all the tools/ingredients you need at your local nursery.

Remember to have fun and please share you're creations with us.

Love The Green Room Plant Collective Team

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