A Quick Guide on How to Care for a Peace Lily

A Quick Guide on How to Care for a Peace Lily

Peace Lily is the common name for Spathiphyllum sp., a gorgeous plant that has been the beginning of many plant addicts' collections! It's hard not to fall in love with a Peace Lily's beautiful green foliage and pretty white flowers - these lovely plants actually received their name due to their flower resembling a waving white flag of surrender for peace.

Peace Lilies are great for first-time plant parents, making them the perfect housewarming present! Easy-going and low maintenance, this plant blooms twice a year if given the correct conditions. Here at Plant Collective, we've put some tips together on how to care for your new Peace Lily.




Peace Lilies love medium to low indirect light, making them great plants for the office. This versatile plant is also able to thrive in bright indirect light but requires watering more often. Peace Lilies are a great way to liven up a low-light space in your home but don't mistake low light for no light as they will not be happy in a dark environment. 

Plant tip! Take notice of the change of lighting in winter and make sure your plant is still receiving the light it needs.


To help your Peace Lily thrive, find it a home in a warm space - they do best in moderate humidity if you can provide this in your home. Another way to help help your Peace Lily to receive enough moisture is to mist your plant. Misting as frequently as twice a week, especially during the warmer summer months is incredibly beneficial to the overall growth and health of your Peace Lily and they will love you for it. If you don't have a mister of your own, try using our Indoor Plant Food Spritzer Set.

Remember to lower misting in the colder month as your plant will not receive enough light to process the water. Unfortunately, Peace Lilies are not happy when exposed to colder temperatures and their leaves will start to turn yellow/brown. Remember to keep them away from windows in the colder months to prevent damage.


Peace Lily


Yes! There is such a thing as too much love. These plants actually don't consistently require large amounts of water. Instead of overwatering, allow the soil to dry out between drinks to avoid things like root rot. Peace Lilies are great for beginner plant parents as they will tell you when they need water through drooping leaves. They can be DRAMA QUEENS if you forget to water but don't stress - you can watch them bounce back fast after being watered.

Plant Tip! Peace Lilies LOVE rainwater! Pop your Peace Lily outside when it is raining and it will love you for it. Just don't forget to bring it in once the sun comes out to prevent leaf burning. You may also have to change up your watering schedule as the seasons change. During the colder months, you will have to water your Peace lily less frequently.


Peace Lily plants love free-draining soil as they don't like sitting in too much water. A great way to create free-draining soil is to mix in some perlite. We like to use equal parts perlite, potting mix, and compost. This combination creates great aeration in the soil and still gives the plant some nutrients from the organic matter in the compost.

In spring a Peace Lily plant loves an extra boost to help create its beautiful flowers. Feed it every two to four weeks through spring to get the best out of your Peace Lily. Our favourite feed is the House Plant Pump n Feed by KiwiCare.


Plant Tip! Remove wilting flowers at the base of the plant to promote new growth.


We hope you love your new Peace Lily! If you have any further questions or concerns about your Peace Lily email us at info@plantcollective.co.nz

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