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Creating an Indoor Jungle Vibe in Your Home

There is nothing better for a plant lover than seeing a room filled with plants, creating a true jungle vibe in the home. Plants have personality and by filling a room with plants you not only create a stunning look, but also inject personality, fun, love, and warmth into a space.

Whether it is because modern homes don’t have much outside space or because we are now valuing the houseplant like never before, bringing the outside in is becoming more and more popular and the urban jungle look is an extension of this.

What is an Indoor Jungle?

The idea behind an indoor jungle is that you bring the natural world into your home, even if it is a small space, we all love a pot plant, but an indoor jungle takes plant love to the next level, and it looks amazing. People traditionally might choose one or two houseplants and dot them around the house but the idea with an indoor jungle is to create a lush feel with a variety of different plants.

But it isn’t just any plants - there’s a strategy behind the ones you choose, where you put them and the benefits that they bring.

Indoor Jungle Plant Basics

There are a few main things to consider when you are planning your indoor jungle:

Plants and Light – First you need to consider light. Different plants need different amounts of light, so you need to understand what each one requires to thrive before you buy it.  By understanding what it needs, you can plan out where it might fit into the jungle and ensure it will remain healthy.

Grouping Considerations - Once you start to compile a list of potential plants, think about grouping them together. Plants of different heights and sizes, different shapes of leaves or foliage can add an interesting effect to the space and appear a lot more natural. Don’t forget to mix floor standing plants with those that sit on shelves or even windowsills.

Pick a Hero Plant - Have one large focus floor plant that is the heart of your arrangement.  These work well in spots such as corners and awkward places behind the sofa or chairs and add height as well as being the thing you arrange other plants around.

Look Up - Don’t forget to make the most of vertical space, especially in smaller properties.  Hanging plants from the ceiling works well and using shelves or stands to make displays go upwards rather than outwards maximises potential.

Jungle Plant Examples

If you love the idea of an indoor jungle but feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start, you can always ask the plant experts at The Plant Collective.

Here are a few plant examples for different spots to help with a research list:

  • Hanging plants include things like Swiss cheese vine and Devil’s ivy as well as String of hearts and Philodendron. Even Hoya plants can work well for those hanging containers to add vertical features.
  • Ficus are a great genus of plants for the larger, floor plant.  Things like the rubber plant and fiddle leaf fig are part of this family. Larger Swiss cheese plants also work well.
  • Smaller plants can be things like begonias, pila, peperomia and fittonia varieties. Don’t forget to add something like orchids for colour and an unusual feature.

Indoor Jungle Plant Shopping

Most of these plants are easy to care for and need simple conditions to thrive. Then you can quickly have your own indoor jungle in your house. Shop for your indoor jungle at

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