Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care

There are lots of different plants you can grow in your home. Some are easier to care for than others. One of the more challenging is the fiddle leaf fig tree, which can grow to almost 6 ft if looked after properly.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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While the fiddle leaf fig tree can be a little troublesome it is a popular choice. It doesn’t like drafts for a start, and you have to be careful about not giving it too much or too little watering and enough sunlight as well as humidity. All in all, this plant is a little like Goldilocks and requires a location that it is just right.

Here we look at fiddle leaf fig tree care and how to keep your plant looking fantastic all through the year.

  1. Sunlight and Positioning for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Because the fiddle leaf fig tree hails from Africa, you won’t be surprised that it likes the sun although not direct. It’s important to position your plant in an area where it is well lit, ideally south facing and where it can get a lot of warmth.

  1. Plant Drainage

Most house plants can have their roots damaged if they are over-watered. It’s important to have a pot that provides good drainage and doesn’t allow the water to collect. This can cause root rot very quickly with the fig tree and could spell the end of your plant.

In addition, you need to be careful with the watering itself. Let the soil dry out as much as possible before you replenish as this allows oxygen to get to the roots and improves plant health. Don’t drown your fig tree when you do water it either – it’s better to err on the side of underwatering than overdoing things.

Unlike other plants, the fiddle leaf fig tree also needs regular feeding with a good nutrient-rich fertilizer. You need to do this every week if you want to support new growth and keep the plant healthy. You can get specialist fertilizers for the fig tree online and it’s worth investing in these.

  1. Repotting

While it’s quite a slow-growing plant, you should ideally repot your fiddle leaf fig tree once every couple of years. This means putting it in a slightly larger pot with some extra soil to encourage more root growth. Once you have re-potted, avoid watering for a couple of days to give the plant time to settle in its new home.

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Problems

The plant can grow quite high and if you want to curtail this you can cut it away at the trunk (new branches will form) without doing it much harm. Keep an eye out for browning leaves – this can often mean you have overwatered or given the plant too much fertilizer.

  1. Humidity

Finally, your fiddle leaf fig tree also likes a good deal of humidity, something which you don’t find in most homes. Spraying the leaves a few times a day or keeping a bowl of water nearby can help maintain more optimal conditions.

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