Gorgeous Scented Houseplants for Your Kitchen

Gorgeous Scented Houseplants for Your Kitchen

There’s no doubt that having a few houseplants around the home and in the kitchen can make a big difference. They brighten every room, filter the air, and have a huge impact on general health and wellbeingGorgeous-scented-houseplants-for-your-kitchen

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One area which can be difficult when choosing plants is the kitchen. That’s because it can often get warm and very humid that can affect more delicate blooms. The good news is there are some good options if you want to fill the air with the scent of flowers.

Houseplants and Herbs

When thinking about the kitchen, the first types of plant that people consider are herbs. Not only are these useful in cooking but many have great aromas. Herbs are easy to maintain as long as you look after them properly.

Find a good place like a windowsill to put them on and make sure you water regularly, from the bottom rather than directly into the soil which can damage the roots. Spraying the leaves of your herbs every day helps keep them in good condition.

The most common and easiest to grow include:

  • Basil: Used in many dishes, especially Italian and pasta, basil has a distinctive aroma and flavour. There are some different varieties that you might like to try such as red Rubin basil which has purple leaves and Thai basil with a distinctive aniseed flavour, the perfect accompaniment for soup or salads.
  • Rosemary: The staple of many stews and soups, Rosemary also has some health benefits when made into tea. Just steep some stems and their leaves in some hot water for a few minutes and you can boost your immune system.
  • Thyme: Another fragrant herb and perfect for growing in the kitchen, thyme also produces some lovely blue flowers during the summer. This is a great choice for adding to meat or potatoes when making the Sunday roast.
  • Mint: This very easy to grow herb goes well with foods such as lamb. It’s also another herb that has some health benefits when used as a tea, it’s rich in nutrients and great for settling the stomach.

Other choices for the kitchen if you have room are parsley, coriander, and lavender.

Kitchen Houseplants

If you like something more colourful but still with a lot of fragrance in the kitchen, there are some great options that are easy to maintain.

The first is the orchid which is robust enough to sit in the kitchen and delivers a lovely scent. Orchids prefer warmer climates, and the kitchen is ideal because it’s also humid because of cooking.

There are around 25,000 different species and many are available from local florists and garden centres. Some varieties you can try including Cattleya orchids that have beautiful purple and white flowers and Brassia orchids that have stunning and exotic spider-like leaves. Most orchids prefer bright light, but humid conditions so make the perfect focal point for a kitchen window.

Another bloom you can add is jasmine which can fill the whole room with fragrance. Varieties such as Arabian jasmine tend to flower all through the year, especially in an area such as the kitchen. The leaves and petals are also great for making a refreshing tea.

Whether you are looking for the more traditional houseplants to create the perfect kitchen ‘shelfie’ or you wants plants that will make your kitchen smell amazing, take a look at the plants available online at the Plant Collective.

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