Great Plant Trends For The Next Season

Great Plant Trends For The Next Season

If this year is going to be the year you finally fill your home with plants, then you are not alone. Plant parenting is becoming increasingly popular and the plant trends for the upcoming season are as exciting as the years that came before.

Plant Trends for The Upcoming Season

Popular House Plants

Greenery is not only beautiful and very chic, but also great for your home, your environment, and your wellness, here are some on the main plant trends for next season:

Plant Trend – Unique Leaves

Indoor plants with patterned leaves are very chic. The more eccentric, the better. What about the beautiful, white-striped leaves of the Calathea or the cheerfully spotted Begonia?

Plant Trend - Make a Large Statement

Large indoor plants are perfect for catching eyes in your living room, office, or bedroom. They instantly add atmosphere and a finishing touch to your interior décor. And if you want to make your décor greener, it's better to get it right the first time. A large indoor plant makes a great impression on its own, but when combined with other large or smaller indoor plants, you can quickly create a chic, urban jungle.

Plant Trend – Go Retro with Hanging Plants

When you combine hanging plants with the ever-growing craft trend of macrame you have a retro vibe that is now completely on trend! You can easily hang them from the ceiling, from a beam or from the stairs. They are ideal for small spaces where there is little room for greenery.

Plant Trend – Sustainable Dried Flowers

We all think that things can and should be more sustainable. This is also one of the reasons why dried flowers have made a big comeback. You can enjoy a dried bouquet for a very long time, which means that a dried flower arrangement is very sustainable.

Plant Trend – Innovative Plants

Real plant lovers delight in hydroponics because you not only see the development of the leaves and flowers, but also the roots. Enjoy watching the roots develop and grow. Plants like the Monstera are indoor plants that you often see growing in water.

Plant Trend – Bold Flowering Plants

Bright and colourful is trendy again! Flowering house plants fit well into this trend and can help you add some more colour to your interior décor. These indoor plants bloom for extended periods, so you can enjoy their charming colours for ages. Good examples include the Bromelia or the Amaryllis.

Plant Trend – Consider the Pots & baskets

The indoor plant trend is not all about the plant. The pot has also become an essential element. Baskets — bamboo or rattan and preferably as sustainable as possible. And again, the more striking the better. Colourful pots are a must for your indoor plant.

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