Hacks to Keep Your Houseplants Happy

Hacks to Keep Your Houseplants Happy

Keeping houseplants is not only good for the air in your home but can also deliver other health and wellbeing benefits. Making sure they stay happy, however, is also important and there are a few things you can do to ensure leaves and roots remain healthy all year round.

Give Your Plants a Nutrient Boost

Boiling some potatoes or steaming up the veg? Rather than chucking the water down the sink when you have finished, let it cool and then use it to feed your plants in the home.

Not only does this provide your houseplants with some vital extra nutrients, but it’s also a sustainable practice that reduces waste in the home.

One word of caution, however, don’t use the water if you have added salt as this can be toxic for many types of plants.

Watch the Humidity

While some plants thrive in dry environments, others require a little bit of humidity. This is often a problem in modern homes which can be airtight and pretty arid. With most species, try to avoid putting them in direct sunlight where they can quickly dry out. If you notice the leaves browning, this could be because of low humidity but there are simple ways you can solve the problem:

  • The first is to place a jug of water near your plants so that they get the benefits of this evaporation.
  • Another is to spray the leaves of your plant daily using a mister.
  • You can also cover the plant with a clear bag especially if you want to encourage propagation and flowering.

The Power of Coffee Grounds

Grounds can be quite good for houseplants so when you next brew up, rather than throwing the coffee away, you can mix some into the soil around the top of the pot. Coffee grounds are also good for the compost heap if you have one and can be used to add amazing nutrients to the soil once it is ready.

Holiday Breaks and Your Plants

One of the challenges, when you go on holiday, is what to do with your houseplants. The big issue is, of course, watering but there are several ways around this.

If you have plants that need watering once or twice a week, fill a wine bottle with water and then push the neck into the soil. This should give a steady supply of water and keep your plant healthy until you return.

Plant Care 101

There are a couple of other things that some homeowners fail to do when giving their plants a little care and attention which can make a significant difference.

The first is to dust the leaves every so often – particularly with species like rubber plants. The build-up of dust can interrupt processes like photosynthesis, making your plant less healthy.

Secondly, get into the habit of rotating your plants regularly so that light is distributed in a more balanced way. Do this and you should see healthier growth and a much happier plant.

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