How to Care for A Bird of Paradise

How to Care for A Bird of Paradise

A Bird of Paradise is a GORGEOUS statement plant for your jungle collection! Bird of Paradise plants are large, upright, tropical beauties that can adapt to a wide range of lighting conditions. They are known for their banana-shaped leaves that fan out as they grow! If you help your Bird of Paradise thrive it may reward you with its striking orange flower that looks like a small bird feeding. Here are some tips on how to care for your new Bird of Paradise!



Bird of Paradise plant loves bright indirect light. The brighter the better to make keep your Bird of Paradise thriving but avoid direct sunlight as it can cause the leaves to burn or turn brown.

Low light will not give the plant the nutrients it needs to flower or grow. Plants create nutrients from photosynthesising the sunlight. Take notice of the change of lighting in winter and make sure your plant is still receiving the light it needs. 


To help your Bird of Paradise thrive find it a home in a warm space. They do best in low to moderate humidity if you can provide this in your home. One way to help provide your Bird of Paradise with extra moisture is to use a damp cloth while dusting your plant. Dusting the leaves allows them to take in more light.

Unfortunately, Bird of Paradise plants are not happy when exposed to colder temperatures as their leave will start to turn yellow/brown. Remember to keep them away from windows in the colder months to prevent damage.


Bird of Paradise


Yes! There is such thing as too much love. These plants don't require lots of consistent watering. Allow the soil to dry out between drinks as this can be super beneficial and avoid things like root rot. They can be tolerant if you forget to water but try to keep them on a regular watering schedule to keep them happy.

Tips- Bird is the word. Bird of Paradise LOVE rainwater! Pop your Bird of Paradise outside when it is raining and it will love you for it but remember to bring it in once the sun comes out to prevent burning to its leaves. You may also have to change up your watering schedule as the seasons change. During the colder months, you will have to water your Bird of Paradise less frequently.



Bird of Paradise plants love free-draining soil as they don't like sitting in too much water. A great way to create free-draining soil is by mixing in perlite. We like to use equal parts perlite, potting mix and compost. This creates great aeration in the soil and still gives the plant some nutrients from the organic matter in compost. 

In spring your Bird of Paradise plant loves an extra boost to help create its beautiful flowers. Feed it every three weeks through spring with half-strength fertilisers to get the best out of your Bird of Paradise. Our favourite feed is the House Plant Pump n Feed by KiwiCare.


Tip: Remove wilting flower at the base of the plant to promote new growth!


We hope you love your new Bird of Paradise! If you have any further questions or concerns about your Bird of Paradise email us at

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