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How To Care For Your Air Plant


Air Plants have become super popular due to their unique ability to be able to grow without soil. Don't be fooled by their name as they do need more than air to survive. Air Plants' natural habitat is the forest and mountains of South and Central America. Air Plant are epiphytic. This is a fancy word for a plant being able to grow on other plants without harming them. At the Plant Collective, we stock two types of Air Plants. We listed some cool facts about each variety followed by some tips on keeping them happy and healthy.



Tillandsia plants are known for their beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, they only flower once in their lifetime. Their beautiful blossoms last from a few days to a few months. Tillandsia flowers come in a variety of bright colours such as pink, red and purple. We know you want to see your Air Plant flower but flowering indicates your Air Plant is at the end of its life cycle and will eventually die. Don't freak out! before dying it will create up to eight new pups that can be separated from the mother plant. These new baby Air Plant will slowly grow to be just like their mums!

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss also gets the nickname Merlins beard from the way they trail down from tree branches resembling a beard. Spanish Moss is one of FIVE HUNDRED species of Air Plants. It has been used in the past as an upholstery stuffing in pillows, beds and other furniture. It is also very popular amongst birds as they think it is also perfecting bedding for their nests!  


How to Care for Your Air Plant


Air Plants love bright, indirect sunlight. They are also happy under fluorescent lighting making them great for home/office spaces. Small Periods of direct sunlight are okay, but more than a couple of hours will deplete your Air Plant of moisture causing damage to their foliage.


Every two weeks soak your Air Plant in room temperature water for five to ten minutes. Bonus tip! Air Plants love rain/pond/fish tank water. After giving them a good soak shake excess water from your plant. Air Plant can rot if left in excess water. If your Air Plant takes longer them three hours to dry pop it somewhere with good air circulation to help it out. Once a week give it an extra boost by misting your Air Plant thoroughly. In the warmer months, your may need to water more often. Remember to always do your watering in the morning. Watering in the evenings can disrupt the plant's ability to respire.


Air Plants like consistent warmer temperatures. In the cooler months don't keep them too close to fireplaces or heaters as it will cause them to dry out very fast or too close to the windows as they don't thrive in cold conditions. 


As Air Plant don't get nutrients from soil if you want to give your Air Plants an extra boost do it through misting. We recommend Seaweed based plant food as it isn't strong enough to cause any burn damage. If you use any NPK liquid foods remember to half the concentration. 


We hope you love your new Air Plant! If you have any further questions or concerns about your Air Plant email us at


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