How to Decorate with Large Plants

How to Decorate with Large Plants

As a house plant shop, we love plants, but there is a special place in our hearts for large house plants! You might think that the only way that you can decorate your home is with small potted plants or flowers. But this is not the case. If you want to make a statement and give your home a bold feature, it might be a good idea to try and decorate with large plants. 

How to Decorate with Large Plants

Make a Statement with Large House Plants

Not only are larger plants great to look at, but they are also fantastic for bringing all those wonderful health benefits that are linked to plants into your home, such as absorbing indoor pollutants. 

Are you thinking about how you can transform your home with large plants? Here is our how-to guide. 

Take the eye higher with a large straight tree

Are you lucky enough to have high ceilings in your home, or do you have exposed beams on the ceiling that you are rather proud of? If this is true for you, you want to maximise this by using a tall, straight tree. 

As these large houseplants reach skywards, they take the eye up with them, which means that you and your visitors will be able to really see every inch of your gorgeous home. 

Keep your colours neutral

If you want to increase colour and style in your home with a large planter, then one top tip is to keep the rest of the space neutral. If you do this, then the plant itself will be the key feature point of the room. 

That said, you can add a splash of colour as and when you want to. This works particularly well if you add splashes of green (such as with your cushions or rugs) or you have simple prints in one spot of your room (think curtains or some wall art). 

Choose your pot wisely

When using large plants in your home, you need to think about the pot that you choose. You want to make sure that these pots are decorative and that they do not take away from the impact of the plant. 

Another important thing to think about is that the pot itself is large and sturdy enough to be able to hold the plant of your choice. The last thing you want is to spend all that time growing your plant, only to find that it doesn’t survive because the pot is not right. 

Put plants in strange places

You may think that potted plants only really work in your home's living room or social spaces, but this is not the case. Potted plants, even larger ones, can go in a variety of spots in your home. Including those that you might not instantly think of. We love the look of potted plants in bathrooms. 

Not only do they add a splash of colour, but they also help to brighten up space and give it a fresh feel. 

As you can see, large plants should never be disregarded when it comes to decorating your home. Embrace them, and we can promise you that you will have a home that you can be proud of and that will feel beautiful and stylish too.

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