How to Style Your Home with Houseplants

Coming up with ways of being able to focus on styling your home to make it fresher, happier, and more appealing is so important. Plants are one way to breathe life into the styling of your home and be completely on trend at the same time! Choose wisely when it comes to your houseplants, put them in places where they can thrive and they will make your home look and feel amazing all year round.

Styling Houseplant Trends

When you are thinking about styling your home to reflect your personality, it can take a bit of time and thought to get it right bit houseplants can really help with both the finished look and the process in getting there. There are lots of ways you can use houseplants to style your home so here are some of the great ideas you can use to help you style your home with houseplants this year.

Spread Them Around the House

Spreading your houseplants out so you have them in different spots around the house is most definitely something you should consider. Make sure you come up with ideas for the best places to put houseplants, and what you can do to achieve this. For instance, corners would make great options for a houseplant statement, as well as the hallway, landing, shelves, and several rooms. Get creative and think about the different areas of the home where you would like to keep plants, but keep in mind the type of houseplant you have and whether it will thrive in a dark corner or whether it needs lots of light.

Statement Houseplants

Making a statement with the way you choose to decorate or update your home is really important, and this is something you can try out with houseplants. Try to focus on securing an unusual or ostentatious plant to be a centrepiece for your home. Put it in the living room and make it a focal point of the room; you can even base the decor around it.

Hanging Houseplants

Hanging plants are a great way of sprucing up the home and making it look great, but also, being able to maximize space at the same time. There are so many ideas that can help with this, but by hanging plants throughout, you make the most of space, and you improve the way particular rooms look.

Use Planters

Planters are an excellent way of being able to add something a bit different to your houseplants. You can help to add flair and appeal to the plant by using the right planters, and there are many options to consider. A lot of people will choose basic porcelain or brick planters, but choosing something natural like a basket, or going with ceramics would be great for standing out and complementing your houseplants.

Houseplants can make a statement in your home or be part of a bigger interior design where they simply sit comfortably in the background. Whether you want your houseplants front and centre or as relaxing background music The Plant Collective stocks the plants you need for stylish living.

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