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Hello Plant Lovers! Us girls at the Plant Collective love learning new tips and tricks to get our indoor jungle looking as happy and healthy as possible. Recently I read a great quote from Wild at Home, How to Style and Care for Beautiful Plants by Hilton Carter. 'It is only when you are struggling with a specimen that your plant parenting is truly tested'. SO TRUE! I have learnt the most about my plant's needs when trying to revive them from rookie mistakes. All plants have a different idea of the perfect environment for their home but here are some plant hacks we found that helped us get our plants back to thriving even after some need death experiences.

Boiling potato


We use water every day for countless things so why not re-use it for your plants! Next time you are cooking dinner keep the water you use to boil vegetables, eggs, or pasta for your plants next watering. It is not only sustainable but a great boost for your plants. The water will contain nutrients absorbed. Wait for the water to cool down to room temperature before watering to prevent any temperature shock to the root system. This hack can help both your indoor and outdoor plants thrive! Be cautious not to use water you have cooked with if it contains salt as it could cause damage and even kill your plants. 



Have you ever had a plant show signs of underwatering but you have given it heaps of water? This could be because the soil has become so compact that the water has no pathway to the roots.  Aerating creates soils with higher oxygen levels and more nutrients, making it easier for root growth, resulting in happier, healthier plants. To aerate the soil you can repot your plant into fresh well-draining soil. If you don't need to repot your plant yet you can also use a fork to stick into the soil to create better pathways to the root system but be mindful to not damage the roots. 


Plant styling


Dusting can be a chore but avoiding it can stop your plant from living up to its fullest potential. Leaves take in sunlight and within their cells convert it into much-needed goodies for the rest of the plant. This process helps to create the green colouring plants have. Dust can prevent the leaves from this process also known as photosynthesis. Make sure to add dusting into your plant care routine! 

Fish tank 


Fish poo water may seem gross, but plants think it's a great drink. If your fish tank is chemical-free the dirty water will be rich in nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. These are all common ingredients in plant fertilisers. If you love propagation you could take it further and grow cutting from your fish tank! If this idea interests you try looking into aquaponics.  



I know I am guilty of forgetting to drink the coffee I made an hour ago... don't let your mistake go to waste and share it with your plants! Coffee contains heaps of nutrients making it a great fertiliser for plants to help your plants become super lush and green. If you feel like making an extra coffee for your plant make sure you allow it to cool down to room temperature to avoid sending your plants into shock.  


We hope you love these hacks as much as we do! For more tips and tricks follow us on Instagram Plantcollective.nz and look out for our tips Tuesday post. Thank you for supporting our small business use this discount code for your next purchase to receive $10 off if you spend over $50. 


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