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Our Top 5 Philodendrons By Plant Collective

Our top 5 Philodendrons are here!
    All the cool kids on the block are in the Philo Family! They are the foliage kings! We have all heard of the Pink Princess Philodendron no doubt and how ridiculously expensive it is, well here we will list our top 5 Philodendrons that we reckon are way better and that you could get for roughly the same price (Alllll 5 of them!!).
It’s no wonder Philodendrons are one of the most sought after house plants. Not only are they perfect for beginners, for their hardiness and adaptability, they have fabulous foliage and there are sooooo many different types to choose from. Philodendron is a large genus of flowering plants, native to tropical America that contains approximately 480 known species! Now that’s a sh%t ton! And that's not even considering the amount of mutants we have grown in labs (cultivated and hybrids). Philodendrons can fall into two categories, they can either be climbers or non-climbers (free standing). Although, almost all Philodendrons spend some part of their lifecycle as an ‘epiphyte’. This means in the wild they “piggyback” or grow up other plants without affecting the host plant negatively.
 The name Philodendron derives from Greek words, Philo meaning ‘love’ and dendron meaning ‘tree’. So why wouldn’t you want a plant that signifies love? It's a tree that just wants to LOVE!  
The first Philo that we lust over is THE one and only Heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum). Surprise, surprise it has beautiful heart shaped leaves! Also called the Sweetheart plant and it really is a sweetheart when it comes to care. She is low maintenance and will thrive with a little neglect but let’s be real, no one neglects a beauty like this. Trust me, you will be swept away when this sweetheart starts to climb and spread its runners while producing the most luscious looking leaves!
Mil Scandons
    Second on our list is another wonderful climber and next level, cousin to the Heartleaf, the Philodendron Micans (Philodendron hederaceum var. hederaceum) also known as the Velvet leaf Philodendron. And we can see why. As their leaves unfurl their colours change from a chartreuse colour edged in pink to a velvety, iridescent deep green with a purplish-red colour on the back side. Amazing! These colours will vary on the amount of light given and they are just as easy to care for as the Heartleaf Philodendron. These guys tick all the boxes!
    Out of all the Frankenstiens out there the Philodendron Birkin is clearly the best! This unique fella is a free-standing variety and is relatively new to the trending plant world. It is no wonder they have gained so much attention, with their stunning creamy white pinstripe variegation. This rare plant is not found in the wild. It was simply a mutation from a Red Congo that we now cultivate, as it is so damn pretty! So be careful, you gotta give them enough light otherwise they will revert back to being “normal”. Although, in saying that the Philodendron 'Rojo Congo' is also pretty cool and nearly made the top 5 list!
Hope Philodendron
    Then there’s Hope. We think this beauty is the most underrated Philodendron out there, as he has the coolest leaves ever! Their lush, green leaves actually change shape as the plant matures, from a smooth edged spade to a striking, serrated leaf. The Philodendron Hope (Selloum) is a non-climbing Philodendron and boy does he get big! You will be stoked you bundled that little plant babe up and took him home! He will be just as impressive (if not more!) as the Monstera deliciosa we reckon and will definitely create that tropical feel in any room.

Monstera Minima
    At number 5 we have an intruder and it’s the Philodendron Minima! It’s
    apparently not even a Philodendron like it’s name suggests. But who are we
    to turn him down to the party, when there’s 480 others allowed. This
    amazing specimen is also referred to as the “Mini Monstera” (poor guy must
    have an identity crisis going on), as he does somewhat resemble the iconic
    Monstera deliciosa. He is a great climbing plant with gorgeous split leaves
    and will definitely give you that great jungle vibe! Minima is a must have plant baby!
So there you have it, our top 5 Philodendrons! They might not be your top 5 as there are soooo many to choose from! WE WANT TO KNOW - what are your top 5 Philodendrons and why? Are they readily available in your area? Comment below and let us know!
P.S. If you are one of those freaky scientists out there growing some new
    Philodendrons, hit us up, we would definitely be interested.

P.S.S The Philodendron Minima’s real name is Rhaphidophora tetrasperma if
    you were wondering.
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