Pretty Plants That Are Easy to Care For

Pretty Plants That Are Easy to Care For

At the Plant Collective we love plants and want you to love and enjoy them in your home too! Houseplants are a big bonus for any home. You get the added oxygen they bring to the space and the natural look they offer. But not everyone is a keen gardener and some of us are even the dreaded ‘black thumb’ best known for killing everything.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have house plants though! Check out these suggestions for easy to care for plants that don’t need special attention.

Great Plants - Anthurium

Nearly every plant shop selling indoor plants will feature the Anthurium because they are popular and easy to grow. Some have waxy, heart-shaped flowers on them in bright colours like red. Others are just popular for their large, bright green leaves. Water them every week or two and occasionally fertilise them for best results.

Great Plants - Chinese Evergreen

Properly known as the Silver Bay Aglaonema, this is an attractive plant with silver-green leaves and interesting markings. It does like a little bit of light but not a lot of watering, so it is best to let it almost dry out before adding more to avoid overwatering it.

Great Plants - Coffee arabica

Yes, coffee fans, you can grow your own coffee beans! The plant is an easy one to keep at home where it just needs somewhere warm and a medium light level. They don’t need much watering but if the leaves suddenly droop dramatically, that’s a sign it needs a drink. Just water, no coffee though!

Great Plants - Pothos

Pothos is a popular plant because it is pretty forgiving. It will cope with low or bright light levels so will work almost anywhere in the house. It does need a little water so once the top inch or so of soil is dry, give it some more.

Great Plants - Snake plant

The Snake plant gets its name from the stripes on the leaves and their thin shape. It is a very popular plant for indoors because it is easy to care for and doesn’t need a ton of light. But it can also tolerate pretty sunny positions too. They are quite drought tolerant and can be dry between watering so if you forget for a few days, the plant will be just fine.

Great Plants - Spider plant

The Spider plant has long thin leaves and gets its name from the fact it grows offshoots or babies of itself that hang down below, looking like a series of spiders in a chain. It is quick to grow and handles low light areas, even surviving in a windowless office with fluorescent lights. And it does not need to be regularly watered.

Great Plants - Succulents

Succulents are strange plants that almost look artificial, but they aren’t, and they come in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes. They are very drought resistant, and you can kill them by watering them too much as they will rot. Water them once or twice a month and they will thrive.

Great Plants - Tradescantia Zebrina

This plant has gorgeous red-purple leaves that make it very startling as a pop of colour in a room. It does have a slightly more specific requirement, preferring indirect light and regular watering so it doesn’t try out completely. Pop a little fertiliser on it once a month apart from the winter and keep it somewhere humid. Makes for a great kitchen or bathroom plant.

We stock a great range of ever-changing plants, many are extremely easy to care for and will look great in your home.

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