Productive Plants - The Many Benefits of Office Botanicals

Productive Plants - The Many Benefits of Office Botanicals

The plant trend in our homes is finally making its way into our offices. Gone are the days of one lonely plant in the corner of the office that is unloved and often un-watered. Today offices are often lush and green with more and more bosses wanting the benefits of botanical for their teams.

Productive Plants - The Many Benefits of Office Botanicals

The Benefits of the Office Plant

Having natural greenery around is always a boost and improves the look of any office space. But there are some solid benefits associated with the concept too. So, whether it is a home office or a large corporate space plants really can make a difference to productivity.

Plants Boost Productivity

Every employer will love the idea of anything that boosts productivity and makes staff happy (or they should!) and plants tick both boxes. A 2015 study found that nearly 60% of over 7500 office workers studied found that there were no live plants in their workspace. But those that had natural elements like plants reported 15% better wellbeing scores and 6% higher productivity.

Plants Encourage Stress Reduction

Most jobs come with some form of stress and anything that helps ease this is always welcome. Indoor plants have been shown to help reduce stress levels and daily interaction with them can reduce both physiological and psychological stress levels in office workers.

Plants Make Offices Look Great!

There’s a lot better understanding of how a good office environment can improve productivity and there’s a part for plants to play in this. They look good, provide a visual interest point and can help to create a more comfortable environment for people to work in.

Plants Improve Office Acoustics

Open plan offices can be great for collaboration but if you find the noise overwhelming, this is an issue. Using plants to break up the space and create different zones with their own unique feel, you can offset this problem while still enjoying the benefits of that open plan approach.

Plants Can Support Wellness

A final interesting benefit is that plants in an office have been shown to help reduce sickness rates - but they do need to be the right type of plants. Air purifying plants are brilliant for removing pollutants and toxins from the air which can otherwise cause all sorts of problems.

Choose the Right Office Plant

Any plants added to an office can bring benefits but to get the most from them, you need to get the right plants. Shopping for plants online at is the simplest way to get the right plants as you can instantly see what they need, make sure they are suitable for the conditions and are easy to care for.

Plants such as spider plants and peace lilies are great examples. But there are lots of different plants that work in offices large and small and with the right expert help, you can ensure you get the maximum benefits from them.

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