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Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself a Syngonium

Reasons why you should get yourself a Syngonium - they need to be celebrated - they absolutely deserve it! The most underrated plant out there. They grow well and fast and have so many amazing attributes. They are the underdogs of the plant world. They are very adaptable to lower light so can pretty much do well anywhere in the home and they look great all year round! So why wouldn’t you want a Syngonium? Maybe you already have one but it is lurking in the corner so you forget you even have one. Well we are here to remind you how fantastic they are and reasons why you should get a Syngonium, pronto! (if you don't already have one).

We found out there are a crazy amount of Syngonium varieties out there, especially cool variegated ones. In its natural habitat, there are over 30 species in the genus Syngonium but so many more hybrids and cultivated ones. Syngonium podophyllum is the most popular and common type cultivated and has an impressive number of varieties. Interesting to note, most of them are referred to as “Allusion” (for some unknown reason) and some are even named after girls “Maria Allusion” and “Julia Allusion” and “Holly". They are also commonly called Arrowheads for their arrow-shaped leaves and can grow to six feet long and look great when trained to climb or left to trail in a hanging basket. Here is a few of our favourite Syngonium podophyllum's that would make great additions to your plant family:

White Butterfly

White Butterfly Syngonium

Emerald Gem

Emerald Gem Syngonium


Pixie Syngonium


Holly Syngonium

Pink Allusion (similar to Neon and Strawberry Cream)

Pink Allusion Snygonium

Bold Allusion (similar to Berry, Golden and Cream Allusion)

Bold Allusion Syngonium

Maria Allusion

Maria Allusion Syngonium



Reasons why you should get a Syngonium

Care tips:

Light - Syngonium's prefer medium to bright indirect light but can tolerate low light. Do not expose to too much direct light as this will cause sunburning. Variegated varieties will require more indirect light.

Water - Keep soil moist but not wet or soggy. Avoid the little and frequent approach. Water well and then wait to dry out. Allow the top inch to dry out before watering again. Less water required in the cooler months.

Tips - To keep your Arrowhead bushy and full, prune and pull off any dead leaves. 

Do you have a cool Syngonium at home? We want to know! Take a photo of your favourite Syng and tag us and you will be in the running to win one of our cute Syngonium's in a Ceramic pot!!!

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