The Benefits of Misting Your Indoor Plants

The Benefits of Misting Your Indoor Plants

Ever wondered why plants love tropical (warm & humid) environments? Plants love these sorts of environments because most plants actually intake small amounts of water through cells on their leaves. Tropical environments mean having a lot of moisture in the air for plants to have access to, whenever they want! 

Jungle dwelling plans are lush and green because they receive a huge amount of nitrogen-rich nutrients from plant decay on the ground and also the freshest, purest water in the form of RAIN!


Fun fact, lightning causes the rain to become more nutrient-rich for plants! Lightning BLASTS through the atmosphere causing nitrogen molecules to break apart. The nitrogen molecules combine with oxygen in the air to create nitrogen oxides. The rain dissolves nitrogen oxides into nitrates carrying them down to all the plants.


You are probably wondering what all this has to do with misting your indoor plants?

Well, it wouldn't be ideal to run your plants outside every time there is a storm so a great way to recreate this sort of environment is with misting! You can mist your indoor plants simply with water to increase humidity or you can 'act like lightning' and add nutrients to the water. Although most plants love misting not all plants like to receive water this way. Plants from dry environments have adapted to hold more water in their leaves to help them survive. If you mist plants that hold water in their leaves (such as cacti or succulents) it can cause burning or bubbling damage on the leaves (especially if placed in direct sun). Once you are certain your houseplant is one that loves misting we recommend misting once or twice a week with water in the warmer month of the year and once a fortnight through winter. We have a range of ready-made plant food misters or you could buy one of our Amber Spray Bottles and create your own mix. Here is some information on picking the best option for your jungle. 


Amber Spray Bottle

Amber Spray Bottle

If you are a DIY lover this is a great option for you! You can stick to water or make your own creations. Check out our blog on Plant Hacks on some creative ways to feed your plants. It is a great read on the benefit of reusing your veggie water or water from your fish tank to feed your plants. Having an Amber Misting bottle is great because your plants don't need food as often as they like to be misted.


The Amber bottle is popular for plant lovers who are trying to keep their plastic usage down.


Fun Tip- Collect rainwater to fill it to keep your plant's water chemical-free!


KiwiCare Mist'n'Feeds

These misters are the perfect way to give your plants some extra nutrients. A super easy option as they are ready to go, no mixing needed. 


NPK Liquids Food is a great way to give your plant an instant boost! You can add a pump into your watering can or a small pump to your misting bottle. We like to think of liquid plant food as a cup of coffee for your plant. One cup of coffee is great. With two cups you might start to feel a little shaky. Three, four or five cups of coffee and you can burnt out! This is the same for plants with NPK liquid foods. One cup and your plant is looking great. Its' leaves and stems are firm and upright. Two cups your plant is still looking super happy on the outside but below some of your roots have started to burn. Three, four, five cups and all of a sudden your plant looks a little dishevelled.

In correct doses, liquid food is a great way to give your plants that extra boost we all need (think one cup of coffee = great start to any morning!) A major benefit of Liquid food is that you can buy a range of liquids with specific NPK ratios perfect for your choice of plant. Instantly give your plant baby its perfect dose of nutrients! (see our Instagram Tips Tuesday Post to learn more about NPK ratios). Extra tip- Don't give coffee to babies.... or cuttings. 


It helps to research your plant's natural environment first so you can recreate this in your home, this will help your plant babies not only survive but thrive! We recommend misting once or twice a week with water. We have a range of ready-made plant food misters by KiwiCare or you could buy one of our Amber Spray Bottles and create your own mix. Add your plant food to your mister with the recommended amount of the product and follow instructions on how often to use it. It can be very tempting to give them some extra food but overfeeding a plant can lead to burning and plant damage - so attention to instruction is key!

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