Why Houseplants Make Amazing Christmas Gifts

Why Houseplants Make Amazing Christmas Gifts

Houseplants are amazing and a gift that everyone will love this Christmas. Forget wine, chocolate, or bath products – we think houseplants make the most amazing Christmas gifts. If you want to get your colleagues, friends, or family something they won’t want to return this year they choose a houseplant!

Why Houseplants Make Amazing Christmas Gifts

Houseplant Christmas Gifts

Here’s why we think houseplants make great Christmas gifts:

They’re Good for You

Houseplants are good for you! Studies have shown that houseplants can reduce stress, make you feel calm and connected to the world around you, and even boost productivity and concentration levels. Caring for a plant forces us to slow down, switch off, and be connected to nature, even if just for a moment.

Some plants can purify the air, too. If your loved one lives in a city or in a busy, built-up area, this could help improve the air quality in their home. Go for a plant like a peace lily or a snake plant as these are proven to purify the air around them.

They Can Last Forever

Unlike flowers or food, plants can last for a long time if they’re cared for properly. This means your meaningful gift could be treasured for years to come, making it the perfect choice for the special people in your life.

They’re Good Company

Talking to your plants sounds a bit strange, but it can actually help to make you calmer. It can also encourage your plants to grow faster. If you know someone that lives alone, a plant can make a good low-maintenance companion for them.

They’re Popular

Houseplants are booming in popularity, with many people taking up the hobby of caring for plants. If you know someone who is plant crazy, they’ll happily welcome another one into their home. If not, you might just trigger a new interest for your friend or family member.

Plus, plants have the advantage of being completely neutral. You won’t have to worry about food allergies, and they make a great gift for that person in your life that is particularly difficult to buy for.

They’re Beautiful

Of course, houseplants are beautiful – and there’s a wide variety to choose from. From the delicate strands of a string of pearls, through to the glossy leaves of the ever-popular ZZ-plant, there are plants out there to suit everyone.

They Can Be Easy to Maintain

Plant care can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many plants that are super easy to care for, requiring just a little sunlight and the occasional water. Choose a plant that is suitable for beginners, and it will be cherished for a long time to come.

They Make Great Gift Sets

You could also choose a matching pot and some plant care essentials to go with it. A small watering can or spray bottle and a book on your chosen plant could make an extra special gift that they can treasure forever.

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