Why Houseplants Make Great Housewarming Gifts

Why Houseplants Make Great Housewarming Gifts

It is a common idea to bring some flowers when you visit someone’s new home for the first time.  And that is great because they are lovely and always welcome.  But an even better gift is to give houseplants that they can nurture and enjoy for a longer time in their new home, and they won’t have to find a vase!

Here are some of the best plants to give as housewarming gifts.

Housewarming Plant Gift - Orchids

Orchids come in a wide range of colours, and all have that sculptural element to them with tall leaves and elegant flowers on stems.  They are a great plant to add in spaces such as hallways, near the front door.  They create an eye-catching welcome for people and a little smile for the residents when they come home from work.  They are also relatively easy to keep.

Housewarming Plant Gift - Peace lily

Another similar houseplant is the peace lily which has lots of luscious green leaves and tall, upright white flowers.  It doesn’t have too many special needs and instantly transforms a room.  It is also great at cleaning the quality of the air in a room so comes with secret benefits.

Housewarming Plant Gift - Jasmine

If you want a plant that comes with a gorgeous scent when it flowers, then jasmine is a perfect candidate.  With lots of greenery and different colours of flowers, it is a great plant to fill a boring corner and brings that famous smell with it when it flowers.

Housewarming Plant Gift - Money plant

The plant known as a money plant is smart-looking, but it is popular because of its name and the belief that it attracts money.  It is popular as a housewarming gift to bring people prosperity in their new home.

Housewarming Plant Gift - Succulents

Succulents are a category of houseplants rather than a single plant and come in loads of different colours, shapes, and sizes.  They are perfect if the person receiving the plant isn’t the best at remembering to water their house plants as they need little water.  They come in compact varieties so are great for smaller rooms and can be combined to make miniature gardens.

Housewarming Plant Gift - Herbs

Herbs are practical houseplants but also attractive and bring an amazing scent into the room.  Plants such as basil, rosemary and parsley are easy to keep, thrive indoors and can change a kitchen windowsill into a herb garden.

Housewarming Plant Gift - Bamboo plant

Bamboo plants are popular because they look great and have few maintenance needs.  Plus, if someone is interested in Feng Shui, they have meanings such as wealth, happiness, and luck.

Housewarming Plant Gift - Bonsai tree

The bonsai tree is a housewarming gift with meaning.  Japanese tradition says they symbolise peace, harmony, luck and happiness, all things you would wish for someone in their new home.  They do need a little care and attention but done right, they will be with the person for many years.

The perfect gift

A plant is a perfect housewarming gift.  Some are known for their practical benefits such as bringing oxygen into the room.  Others have traditional meanings that can bring good luck to the new resident.  And others are simply just a pleasure to have around, find the perfect housewarming plant gift at the Plant Collective.

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