Why Millennials Love Houseplants

Why Millennials Love Houseplants

Houseplants are nothing new, but the joy they bring to the millennial generation has taken plant lovers by surprise. Not just a way to decorate homes, or to bring a little greenery into the inside, millennials are jumping in with both feet when it comes to being house plant lovers and often call themselves, #ProudPlantParents!

Plants for all ages

Houseplants as a Hobby

Whether they talk about succulents, monstera or a range of other great sounding plant names, millennials are gushing with enthusiasm about their newfound hobby and are spending a lot of money on it too! From the plants themselves to the posts and other associated items, plant parenthood is serious business!

Plant Enthusiasts

Budding plant collectors, hobbyists and enthusiasts are enjoying taking the time to grow and cultivate plants, in a time of the internet and fast living, the age-old hobby of houseplants is having a revival for those who want to slow down and watch something they have created grow. Instagram does have a part to play in all of this where there are many accounts dedicated to the growing and maintaining of houseplants, often accompanied by gorgeous images of the interiors of their homes that are almost jungle like with the number and variety of plants on show. This popularity has given way to real world encounters such as plant swaps and the creation of a community who love to talk about houseplants!

Why is it Popular

There are a few really good reasons why this generation is loving the houseplant:

Working From Home - Even before Covid made it probable that people could work from home, much of the millennial generation was doing this anyway. This gave them more time to look after house plants and notice what they needed and when, and so were less likely to kill the first plant they brought into their home.

Renting Property & Lack of Gardens – As the millennial generation rents for longer than their parents and has less outdoor space to call their own, creating an indoor garden of pots they can take with them to their next rental is very appealing.

Love Looking After Something – Having children a little later in life also gives millennials the space to enjoy looking after plants before they have a family of their own. They give a sense of fulfilment and something to look after.

It is Physical not Virtual – In a world where increasingly everything is going online and becoming virtual plants are tactile and living and help this generation slow down in a busy fast paced world.

They are Green – With so much emphasis being places on environmental issues, having plants is a way to connect with the world and its ecosystem on a personal level.

Connecting with Nature – With many people working behind computers, connecting with nature has become increasingly important and house plants are a great way of doing this in your own home.

They Look Beautiful – One of the main reasons anyone in any generation loves houseplants is that they look amazing, and they make you feel better.

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