Workshop For Potting.

Is your plant looking a little sad, feeling root-bound or just not growing as fast as it did?

It's likely your plant needs a bit more room to move about and more nutrients to feed from!

Time to re-pot!

Don't want to get messy or not sure where to start?

Bring your plants into Plant Collective and our team can re-pot them for you!

We have our very own recipes for potting mixes with different ratios of soil, pumice and compost. We will advise and select the most suitable mix for the plant varieties you bring in. 

Did you know

We sell all the re-potting tools needed and can guide you through some steps should you want to learn a little more about repotting them yourself next time!

 Collective E-Voucher

Gift vouchers to be used online at Plant Collective or pop in store to purchase other botanical bounty like fresh flowers or dried arrangements from our Flower Studio

Must be used within 12 months of purchase date.

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