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Meet the Team

Rachel is our Creative Director, Owner of The Green Room Enterprise, plant addict and overall badass boss lady!

Rachel spends her days coordianting the action and running all the behind the scene's magic that makes our shop a possibility. Researching and ordering all the wonderful products we have in store, bringing you all your desired plants and botanical treasures.

Rachel has a huge passion for indoor plants and has over 200 indoor plants in her own collection at home! She saw a massive trend 4 years ago for house plants when taking over The Green Room Flower Company and decided to open up a wonderful little jungle dedicated to house plants in early 2020 and so, PLANT COLLECTIVE was established - woohoo

Chonny is the queen of organisation and tames our little jungle with her amazing styling skills, keeping things fresh for you lot!

You'll find Chonny at Plant Collective each week enjoying all the good vibes our little jungle has to offer.  Her styling skills are out of this world and she takes ultimate pride in arranging and caring for all our plant babies in store. She is also full of knowledge, hot tips and styling ideas so come and pick her brain, she'd love to meet all you fellow passionate plant people out there!

Alex is the ulimate indoor plant fan and considers her role at Plant Collective a dream opportunity.

Alex is our full time plant queen and mans the jungle most of the week and loves every minute of it. She has an exceptional array of indoor plant knowledge and will quickly share care tips, fun facts and advice whenever she can.Alex is a ray of sunshine and we are so lucky to have her on our jungle team.

Amanda is a plant lover at heart, is the kindest of souls and knows so much about caring for our leafy pals.

Manda has been an essential part of the Plant Collective team since 2020 and we admire her kind heart and knowledgable attributes that she brings to our little jungle. She is passionate about plants, is always learning and sharing her finds. She soaks up all the little details our special plant babies have to offer and finds so much joy in it - we are so fortunate to have this lovely lass on the same leaf as us!