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Euphorbia trigona - African Milk Tree

Euphorbia trigona - African Milk Tree

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African Milk Tree likes
Medium light: Direct Sun - Bright indirect light. They require at least four hours of bright, indirect sunlight per day to thrive. Can also thrive in partial shade. A south-facing window is an ideal location to place it, though an east- or west-facing window will also work. 
Temperature: He likes warm, humid environments inside. He won't tolerate frost.
Water:  This plant prefers occasional watering and periods where it partially dries out. Use soil with exceptional drainage - never let it get soggy. Reduce watering frequency in winter. Dip your finger about an inch into the soil: if it's damp, you can wait on watering; if it's dry, you know it's time to water again.
Humidity: Prefers warm environments inside, grows well in a range of humidity.
Soil: Well-draining succulent soil
Feed: Give me some feed once or twice during the warmer months. An all-purpose, or succulent-specific fertiliser will do the trick. 
Tips: Since these plants grow so tall (up to eight feet) and have small root systems, they can sometimes become so top-heavy that they fall over. You can use stakes to help hold them up or, if so desired, you can cut the top portions off to lighten the plant's load. 
Botanical name: Euphorbia trigona
Nickname: It is sometimes referred to as African milk bush, African milk tree, candelabra cactus, cathedral cactus, friendship cactus, good luck plant, or good luck cactus.
Plant type: The African milk tree is actually not a cactus but a succulent plant native to central Africa.
Air purifying: Although NASA’s research did not include the African milk tree in the top ten air purifiers, it is still a plant that improves the air quality in its environment by eliminating microbes and bacteria.
Plant height: 30cm
Nursery pot size: 14cm
Pet/baby safe: Toxic to pets and people. Sap is an irritant and should not be touched, consumed or handled without gloves.
About African Milk Tree
Euphorbia trigona, known as the African Milk Tree (because of the milky sap contained in the stems) is an easy-care indoor plant that comes from Africa. In its natural habitat, it grows in dense, thorny thickets. It has also adapted well to indoor spaces and grows healthy and happy in apartments all over the world. It is known for rapid and enthusiastic growth, and Euphorbia trigona can grow up to heights of six to eight feet. The plant has thick, three-sided stalks with spines along its edges and cactus-like branches, or arms, that grow upright from the sides of the stalks. Small leaves cover the edges and ends of the actively growing stalks and arms. It is a lush green plant with lighter green striations through the stalks. Leaves are a sign of health, so a plant with many leaves is happy.
There is also a variety of this plant known as Euphorbia trigona rubra or Royal Red. It's essentially the same plant but with beautiful, deep red leaves. It's a cultivar of the green Euphorbia trigona plant. (A cultivar is different than a hybrid as environmental changes cause a change in the DNA of the cells.) The Rubra or Royal Red are cared for in the same manner as the Euphorbia trigona.
Did you know?
I'm NOT actually a cactus! Don't let my leaves mislead you.

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