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Nerve Plant

Nerve Plant

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Fittonia albivenis ||  otherwise known as the nerve plant, a compact plant with striking patterned foliage that comes in an array of colours (pink and green, white and green, or green and red). As the nerve plant is a tropical plant it flourishes within a high humidity environment. Since your Fittonia loves humidity, they make the perfect plant for a terrarium! And even better, your Fittonia won't need to be watered as often as if it were planted in a pot.

Light: Bright indirect / indoor filtered. Lower light can cause it to lose some of its vibrant colour and too much light can burn the leaves.

Temp: Average room temperatures between 18-27 degrees. Avoid cold drafts and direct airflow from heaters.

Water: Constantly moist but not soggy. Your Fittonia will droop and let you know when it's thirsty. 

Feed: Every month during growing season (Spring-Autumn) to encourage extra growth!

Tips: Your Fittonia loves humidity so will benefit from regular misting or even better place a humidifier nearby and group your plants.

Please note; size of plant may vary during seasons. They are fast growers and will soon fill out.

Non-Toxic to cats and dogs 

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